Stay Positive and Continue to Enjoy Life Even with Cancer

Woman with cancer hugging her daughter
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Going through cancer can be a tough journey. Nevertheless, you can fight the sickness by welcoming the support and love of your family and loved ones. One of the best ways you can relieve stress is by doing fun and worthwhile activities. Not that you’re trying to trivialize the condition; it’s more about making sure that life goes on even with cancer and cancer treatment happening.

There are dozens of organizations that accept cancer donations, and they use the funds to organize thrilling activities for patients with cancer. It’s a good way to boost their spirits and remind them that there’s so much more to hope for in life.

Go out more often

Many cancer patients try to get out of their rooms as often as possible. It’s a great exercise. Enjoy the sunshine and take a walk. Breathe the fresh air, and you’ll be thankful that you’re still alive.


Regardless of whether you are in a strict diet or you are allowed to eat whatever you please, meals are the best opportunities to add a little fun to your day. Have a picnic in your backyard or order room service. These little things can make a huge difference.

Have dance parties

Yes, you can have a dance party with your family and friends. Don’t worry about anything. The dance party should be fun and a great stress buster.

Take a long awesome nap

You will feel invigorated when you do. Enjoy the downtime and take a long nap.

Read a book

Reduce stress by reading a good book. There are a lot of fiction and nonfiction books that you can use during your downtime. You can also grab inspirational and spiritual books to help you with your journey.

Do some art or DIY projects

Art can be very relaxing and meditative at the same time. When you color, draw, or doodle something, you somehow express your emotions through art. Or you can do some DIY projects that you have always wanted to do. Creating one will help you de-stress and have a sense of fulfillment.

Create a journal and write

woman hand writing journal on small notebook at outdoor area in cafe

You do not have to be a professional writer to get started. You can jot down your deepest thoughts and emotions in a private journal. It is a great way to overcome stress and do some personal reflection at the same time. Writing will help you express and lighten up your burden. Grab the pen and journal and start writing down what’s on your mind.

Swim, run, bike

If your body and physician allows you to do physical things, why not swim, run, or bike with friends? It’s a great exercise. It will also give your body a boost of endorphins, the happy hormones that will give you a sunny disposition in life.

Do a puzzle

If you can’t do something physically strenuous, then do a puzzle, crossword, jigsaw, or anything that will keep your mind preoccupied. Puzzles are a worthwhile activity to do and help maintain good mental health. Get your loved ones or friends to join in the fun with you.


This is yet another great activity for cancer patients aged 18 and above. It allows you to go out and enjoy the sunshine. You can create a small garden at home and watch your plants grow and bloom. This will give you a better perspective and hope in life. Like plants, we can all bloom and become the best versions of ourselves.

Look for new hobbies

Always take time to learn and find new hobbies. Make use of your time wisely. You can learn a new language, knit, bake, paint, dance, or whatever it is that will make you happy.

Keep your mind off the sickness and enjoy life. Life is short with or without cancer anyway.

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