The Best Ways to Print Your Custom Artwork

custom artwork
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Any artist, illustrator, or graphic designer knows the importance of achieving the perfect print for their artwork. If you are an artist who is just starting out, you might be wondering the printing options available to you. Good-quality printing is a necessity when you are presenting your portfolio to a client or submitting your work to a publication or competition. Although it largely depends on the type of artwork that you make, these are some well-known methods of achieving high-quality prints.

Custom printing with inkjet printers

It is totally possible to print good-quality art using an inkjet printer at home. For this, you need to make up for the quality of printing with the quality of materials you use. Make sure to have a scanner that scans at 600 dpi resolution at the very least. You can use good-quality glossy paper to achieve a seamless look. There are specially made inkjet printers for printing photos and banners. They are an investment, but one that is worthwhile. You should aim for a professional one that can print on different materials such as cards and canvas.

Giclee printing

Giclee printing

Another option you have for printing if you want to take it to the professionals is the process of giclee printing. This is every artist’s go-to for professional quality, original reproductions of artwork. Giclee is generally the method used if you are going to sell art or make a submission. Essentially using the same process as inkjet printing, giclee printing can produce images at a very high resolution and on a variety of materials such as clothing and canvas. In Salt Lake City, Utah, giclee printing is provided by fine art studios that carry out official artwork reproduction. This type of printing can capture the effects and textures of the originally intended artwork, such as watercolor or oil, which is why it is the preferred medium for making authentic prints.

Offset lithography

Another option that you have for printing is to use offset lithography, which is the old-fashioned way of printing. Offset lithography is commonly used by printers who publish thousands of copies of materials such as books, pamphlets, and business cards. A metal plate is doused with ink and water, which do not mix, and then this is passed through a printing machine. The ink sticks to places on the plate where the original image exists. This is then transferred on to the paper that is being used for printing. This is an inexpensive method of printing. When used for specific types of artwork such as posters and typographic pieces, it can produce striking imagery with bright colors. It’s a good option for artists who are just starting out and do not have the budget for professional prints.

There is a wide variety of printing methods for artists of all budget groups to choose from. Whether you pick giclee printing for its high quality or use your own inkjet printer at home, it is important to always pick the best materials such as acid-free paper and an ink that stores color for a long time.

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