Who Should You Call During an Accident

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You can plan for the future by creating checklists and setting goals. You can also follow a strict budget or even a comprehensive diet plan or exercise routine. These are routinary to you; part of your day to day life that doesn’t come as a surprise. But in reality, it’s the unexpected events that you need to be prepared for. And sometimes, these are incidents that no one would expect to happen to them or their loved ones. It’s always shocking and unfortunate, but accidents do happen and in times like this, it’s important to have a clear mind and know what to do to prevent further damage or even help save a life.

It’s never easy to process such events and be able to act sensibly and make clear decisions, but it’s necessary. With that in mind, here is a list of just some of the people you need to have on your speed dial in case of an unfortunate incident:

Emergency Hotline

The first number you need to call when you find yourself in an accident is the emergency hotline. In the US that would be 911. It’s crucial to call them right away and provide pertinent information like your name, location, and the incident. If there’s anyone else with you during the event, it’s important to let them know their names, too. When speaking with the operator, it’s essential to try to remain calm and provide them with clear information — as much as you can surmise given the stressful situation.

Family Member

Whether it’s your spouse, parents, or sibling, it’s crucial to have a next of kin on your speed dial in case an accident occurs. You would want someone who lives with you or at least near you so they can get to you right away. Make sure to provide them with important details such as your location and what had happened. Having them there with you will alleviate the stress on your end, as they will be able to deal with the situation better.


Lawyer with client

Accidents can happen to anyone, but this doesn’t mean that no one should be accountable for it. One of the first few people that you need to get in touch with is a personal injury lawyer in Kent who will give you sound legal advice regarding your situation. An attorney will be able to help you with claims and are highly knowledgeable when it comes to issues regarding personal injury. If there is anyone who needs to be sued, your lawyer can assist you with the process. They can work with you to get what your due, especially if the accident caused you to be unable to work.

If you are able, make sure to file a police report at least 72 hours after the accident. Depending on the laws of the state where the accident happened, you may or may not be required to file one. It’s best to ask the officer who is at the scene of the incident.

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