When Should I Lawyer up After a Car Accident?

after a car accident
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When we get into a car accident and it’s minor, calling a lawyer is not one of our options. Is it necessary to call a lawyer after a car collision? If there are no serious injuries and damage to the people and vehicles involved, should you still hire a lawyer to represent you? The common answer is no. Why would you need to pay a lawyer for an accident that can be easily fixed by talking to the other party?

But what happens if you have unknowingly sustained a more serious injury? You will need a brain injury attorney in Los Angeles or other cities if you are suffering from brain injury because of the accident. While others believe that there is no reason to hire a lawyer after an accident, it is still important to contact one to ensure your rights during and after the accident.

When There Is Dispute

It is only okay not to hire a lawyer when one of the parties involved in the accident assumes responsibility for it. But legal representation should be contacted when there is a dispute arising from the incident. When the circumstances of the accident are unclear, a lawyer can help piece together the evidence and present it before the authority.

If the damage is incurred mostly by the vehicles, the inspector will order an investigation. The chain of events leading to the accident must be investigated thoroughly so that the proper party will be legally asked to pay off the other. This is especially true if there are injuries sustained by the other party.

If Insurance Is Involved

In a perfect world, both parties in an accident will talk it through and solve the issue by compensating the one who sustained injuries and whose vehicle has been badly damaged. But this isn’t a perfect world. This is the real world, and here, parties involved in car accidents would get into disputes and claim insurance for the damages that their person or their vehicles sustained.

There are instances when the insurance policy will deny a claim because of loopholes in the contract that you signed. This is the time when you should call a lawyer to get help on your legal rights as a policyholder. A denied insurance claim will cause more suffering to the claimant because they may have to shoulder the expenses of having their injuries treated. This is when a lawyer is badly needed.

When the Statute of Limitations Is in Question

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Each state has a different law on the statute of limitations for personal injury claims and liabilities from a traffic accident. Most states have a two-year limitation, while others have a longer time frame. You need to know your right as a person involved in the accident. Only a lawyer can explain how the statute of limitations of your case can affect any claims that you might still have.

No matter how minor the situation seems to be, knowing your rights will help you make the right decisions in handling the accident. You can negotiate better if you are aware of your rights. A lawyer will guide you through the legal process of disputing with the other party, finding common ground, negotiating, and claiming from your insurance.

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