What Medical Proof Do I Need for My Social Security Disability Claim?

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Everyone who files a Social Security Administration or SSA disability insurance claim will need to submit medical proof that will demonstrate the level of their disability. Conversely, the SSA can also request medical records on your behalf, if you agree to sign a release.

Either way, it’s best that work with a social security claims lawyer in Salt Lake City with ample experience to help you throughout the claims process.

Medical Proof to Submit to the Social Security Administration

Your disability claim must include the following:

  • Your detailed medical history, including all issues and diagnoses.
  • Lab findings from x-rays, MRI and the like.
  • Clinical exam result.
  • Your current diagnoses.
  • Your current treatment plan and prognosis.
  • A letter from your medical providers detailing what you can still do mentally and physically, even if you have a disability.

The Importance of Medical Evidence from Your Treatment Team

The Social Security Administration places significant weight on medical proof from medical professionals you’re currently working with. They will be able to provide the SSA accurate information regarding your medical history.

They’ll also be able to give detailed input about your current condition that might be more convincing than all your medical records combined. This will also increase the chances of your claim being processed more quickly.

You need to inform your medical team that the SSA will be sending them a medical evaluation form that they need to complete. Take note that this form is among the most persuasive pieces of medical proof that can support your disability claim.

It is likewise best that you ask your medical team to write a letter to the SSA and send it along with your medical reports. This letter must detail your medical team’s opinion regarding what you are able to do and what you’re not able to, including why.

A Note on SSA-Preferred Types of Medical Providers

It is very crucial to note that the SSA deems certain medical professionals acceptable and reputable sources. These include licensed doctors (not including certified psychologists and chiropractors), certified speech-language pathologists or speech therapists, licensed podiatrists and licensed optometrists.

You could help make the claims process faster by collecting ample proof from your medical team and submitting them to the SSA as quickly as possible. But if the SSA is gathering the medical evidence you need on your behalf, you should give them a detailed list of your medical providers.

This includes a list of all hospitals or clinics you’ve been admitted to or obtained emergency medical care from.

Other Relevant Medical Proof to Consider Submitting

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Although medical proof from your medical team would be the weightiest kinds you can submit to the SSA, documentation from other relevant sources can likewise help. They explain your disability’s side effects, particularly on your quality of life and daily functioning.

With that said, statements from physical therapists, employers, social workers, or alternative treatment professionals like chiropractors can also make your claim stronger. In the event that you’re filing a claim for your child, obtain statements from your child’s caregivers, teachers and schools as well.

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