Typical Tactics Insurers Use to Deny Car Accident Claims

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Even the most careful road users are involved in accidents owing to the carelessness of other drivers and pedestrians. It is only fair for you to get compensated if you had nothing to do with the crash and were only a victim. Most car accident victims assume that getting paid is automatic since it is their legal right.

After filing a few photos of the accident scene, a police report and some witnesses, they sit back and wait for the insurance company’s compensation cheque. Without car accident lawyers in Townsville, the cheque never comes, or they get a paltry settlement.

This is because insurers do not have your best interests in mind though they might make it look like they do. Most people are fooled into assuming car accident compensation is an easy process by insurers using tactics which are hard for accident victims to discern. The following are some of these tactics.

Delaying Your Claim

Most accident victims are unable to work and yet have piling medical and living expenses. Insurers will exploit this disadvantage by delaying the settlement of your case. In so doing, they hope to make you desperate enough to settle for even the lowest settlement. Moreover, by delaying your cases settlement, they continue earning a handsome interest on the money meant for you.

Requesting Unnecessary Information

It is hard for you to know the crucial documents needed for the processing of your claim. An adjuster will use this lack of knowledge to ask for unnecessary information and sometimes critical documents without which you cannot prove your claim. Most will cite the absence of these ‘crucial’ documents as the reason for the delay of your case’s completion.

denied health insurance claimMaking Promises

Insurers will keep making promises of a huge payout to keep you on a leash and fool you into looking forward to a huge settlement. This is only meant to prevent you from hiring a lawyer since you assume everything will work out just fine. Most will also advise you to avoid hiring a lawyer this will only eat into the huge payout you will get for no reason.

Asking for Recorded Statements

There are no recorded statements required after your accident, but most insurers will insist on them. These are meant to get you to admit some level of guilt in the accident’s causation and deny or reduce your claim.

In most cases, the statement is also meant to point out any inconsistencies in your testimonies and discredit your evidence. If there are any statements essential for your situation, they should be made with a lawyer present to guarantee they help rather than undermine your claim.

The above tricks have frustrated many car accident victims into foregoing their pursuit for compensation altogether. This might be the same story for your case should you choose to believe that you do not need legal help to get compensated.

Most car accident lawyers do not require an upfront payment to represent you in your settlement case. They will be paid a percentage or a specific amount of your compensation. Lack of money should hence not hinder you from getting a lawyer.

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