Tips for Liberal Arts Majors Entering Medical School

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As early as high school, children are asked to plan their future lives by choosing a major to pursue in uni. By the time they graduate, career paths should align with their chosen degree. But just because it’s already planned out, it doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind. It’s like when one suddenly decides to be a restaurant owner because of their passion for food or be part of a team of conveyancing lawyers to seize lucrative opportunities. Your career shouldn’t be completely tied down with the undergraduate program you have finished.

The only thing constant in life is change, and everyone should learn to embrace that. Similarly, if a liberal arts major seeks to enter medical school, they should go for it. Although it is recommended, a premedical degree is not the only ticket to medical school. Here are three tips for liberal arts graduates to keep in mind when changing tracks.

Take prerequisite science courses.

Entering medical school with little to zero background on the natural sciences is difficult. Those who hold premed degrees, indeed, have the upper hand in getting accepted into medical school, but it doesn’t mean that liberal arts majors don’t stand a chance.

In a research published by the Association of American Medical Colleges, results show that the admission committee members feel that “liberal arts colleges offered an academic and social environment conducive to developing the qualities desired in a future physician — such as social skills and the ability to “think on your feet.”

Liberal arts majors can take prerequisite sciences courses whether they have already graduated or are still finishing their degrees. The prerequisites are usually the basics, particularly biology, chemistry and physics.

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Be extra prepared for the admission test.

Another major requirement for medical school is passing the admission test. It’s recommended for liberal arts majors not to enter medical school immediately after graduating college. This is to give them more time to prepare, especially for the admission test. They can either enter a review centre, hire pure biology tuition, or acquire review materials online. They would even be at a more advantageous position when they review while pursuing the prerequisite science courses. Since the admission test is standardised, taking practice sets will also help gauge one’s strengths and weaknesses in the different subject areas.

Reach out to friends with premed degrees.

To fully help with your preparation, you should consider seeking advice from friends with premed degrees. Since they have the firsthand experiences in studying natural sciences, they can share their knowledge and skills, which you can use as future reference. They can even offer their review materials or study tips for the admission test. Whatever support you may need, you can turn to friends who are fulfilling the same career path.

Going to medical school will be difficult, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the material, but it doesn’t mean the door is closed for liberal arts graduates. They just have to work twice as hard and let their passion and grit speak for themselves.

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