Time to Upgrade: Be a Better You

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We all want to be better in life, and who doesn’t? We all dreamed of looking better and having a more attractive physique and personality. We want to do better at work and hopefully get that promotion and salary increase. We work hard to get better living conditions, to drive the latest car to a bigger home.

In 1960, it was technologically impossible for man to go into space. This challenge was faced head-on by a brilliant mind and an awakened spirit of a nation. Within that same decade, Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon.

A bold challenge and ambitious dream became a reality. This same principle can also be applied to our own dreams and desires in life. Here are a few ways to improve yourself, and ultimately, your life.

10 Ways to Improve Yourself

1. Take responsibility for your actions

This goes for your mistakes, too. Avoid blaming others all the time. Sometimes, accidents happen and other times they are the results of negligence and ignorance.

For instance, if you were involved in Denver truck accident, an attorney can help you out — but that is if you admit and explain everything that happened. Never be afraid to own up to your actions and mistakes. Growth happens each time you do.

2. Never stop learning

Feed your mind with new learnings. Education does not stop at university. Read a book. Learn a new language or skill. Pick up a new hobby. Get new insights. Have a mentor.

Knowledge is power. The more you know, the wiser you become.

3. Take better care of your body and well-being

By now, it should already be obvious that your overall health is important in keeping you in optimal shape. Take good care of your body, your mind, and your spirit.

Eat healthier. Exercise more. Take time to meditate, reflect, and pray. If your whole being is at peace and in great shape, you can do greater things.

4. Ask people to pinpoint your blind spots and take criticism constructively

A lot, if not all of us, hate criticism. We dislike the idea fo people pointing out our flaws. However, if we fail to humble ourselves and listen to criticism, no matter how it is delivered, we miss the opportunity to address and strengthen our weaknesses.

Challenge yourself to approach the people you trust who know you very well to talk to you about your blind spots. Listen to what they have to say and ask them for input on how to make improvements in those areas and thank them for their commitment to your progress.

5. Dream big and work your way towards it

Somebody said that if your dreams can be achieved in a lifetime, you’re dreaming too small. Dream big. Let your dreams transcend generations. Let them impact nations.

Never be ashamed of having big dreams. Martin Luther King had a dream, and so did Walt Disney. Write your dreams down and set concrete plans on how to achieve them one step at a time.

6. Surround yourself with people who are better than you

If you’re among the smartest ones or the best in the room, you’re in the wrong company. Growth can only happen when you allow yourself to be fed by others. Get a mentor and ask him or her to guide, teach, correct, and rebuke you.

7. Let bygones be bygones

Let go of the past. Stop living in it. Past mistakes are life lessons, not life sentences. Learn how to let go if you want to move forward.

8. Pay it forward

At one point in your life, you are the recipient of an act of random kindness. Don’t let it stop with you. The kindness shown to you is supposed to inspire you and spark you into action to do the same thing to other people.

Pay the deed forward. Stop thinking about yourself only and start thinking beyond you and your needs. There are a lot of people just waiting to be blessed. You are the blessing they are waiting for.

9. Fail forward

John Maxwell wrote a book entitled Failing Forward. The concept behind the book is allowing your failures to propel you to greater heights and not letting them bog you down.

Whatever your past mistakes are or how big your blunders were, learn from them and use them as stepping stones to get you to the top of your game.

10. Instead of taking the credit, compliment people more

Compliment other people

The world will tell you to let yourself be known and take credit as much as you can because this is the only way you will “market” yourself.

One of the things that will make you stand out is going against the norms. Instead of operating the way the world does, go counterflow. Instead of taking all the credit, learn to share it with others.

Everything you have at this point is a byproduct of many individuals’ contributions to your life. Don’t hoard the credit. Give it away to those who truly deserve it.

Let yourself blossom and bloom this year. Outgrow the old you and let the new you shine.

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