Creative Book Projects to Try for Your Students

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While today’s technology-centric world seems to move far away from books, they’re still as relevant today in shaping young minds as they were for years. Books open a new world for them to explore each with lessons that will last them a long time.

A great way to encourage the development of the habit of reading as well as to guide their learning is to have them express what they learned through creative book project concept or ideas.

Here are several unique projects that you can implement today to make learning much most fun.

Color Wheel

This idea works great when books center on a particularly prominent character or cast of characters. What you do is have your students pick their favorite character. They draw this character onto a huge piece of paper right on the center.

Colored spokes radiate from this center, and you can assign each color to a category that your students can fill out. These can include characteristics of the character, good things about them, bad things about them, and even their roles in the story.

These will allow your students to analyze and understand the books they read better.

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Pizza Box

This time the focus shifts beyond the characters to capture the entire story itself. You can even use old, cleaned pizza boxes. Inside the cover, you should have your students put an outline of the story much like components of a pizza or a menu. These should be brief but meaty and compact.

The pizza itself should be comprised of slices that, combined, represent the most important characters of the story itself and details their specific contributions to the story and its action. This will let your students understand what they are reading far deeper.

The Hanger

One doesn’t have to go costly for these projects. With a simple coat hanger, you can have one of the most fun of book project ideas there is. For the main body of the hanger, you have the title of the story. Hanging down from this main body are pieces of paper on a wire with each having a different category to cover – the story, the characters, and the like.

You can make these cutouts or even 3D models to make them beautiful mobiles that your students can then hang in their own homes. These are decorative and inspire your students to be more creative.

Actual Books

For those who have students who are more inclined towards writing, it is a great idea to encourage them to create their own books and stories. Make sure that they pursue their ideas unsullied by other influences. This will ensure that it is their creativity that shines through.

While many might already try this idea, you can take it a step further by publishing these into actual books. These are great for inspiring and motivating young writers who will end up with a finished product – a book – to push them onward.

Inspiring students to read and write is one great way to push them toward greater heights of learning. These activities allow for unique learning experiences that are memorable. That is especially true if you manage to make their stories into actual books that they can keep and value.

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