In Focus: Is Your Marriage in Real Trouble?

potential broken family
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For a while now, you haven’t been out on a date with your spouse. It’s understandable because you’re both working, and there’s quality time to be spent with the kids. However, if it’s becoming next to impossible to set a date, there’s probably something more to talk about; that is if you are still talking.     Even if you don’t want to admit something is awry, it’s time to take stock of your marriage. Is it already on thin ice?

It all about relationships

Not all relationships heading toward divorce is characterized by fights, infidelity, abuse, or physical violence. Some couples end up separated because they have given up fostering a healthy relationship. It may be that love has seeped down the shower drain without anyone noticing. If you have been avoiding spending time together, or avoid each other’s gaze when you’re in the same room, then you don’t need a quarrel to verify that something is missing.

When you cannot agree on anything, or worse, don’t really care if you keep disagreeing, then you have to face the fact that things aren’t working it. You may be living under the same roof, but you are already strangers to each other.

At a crossroad

At the first sign of marital distress, you shouldn’t resort to calling a divorce attorney in Utah County or any other location immediately. Any marriage is wrought with problems. If you are still in a viable relationship, you will both find ways to sort things out. If the issues are buried under the rug, the damage burrowing into the heart of the relationship may be irreversible.

If you are deeply upset, it is normal to question the sanity of wanting to live your life will the person you married. Yet, like all problems, marital issues have solutions. The question is whether you are both willing to work hard to resolve the conflict; that is if both of you believe the relationship is worth saving.

When trust is broken

couple fighting

Sometimes, the problem is expectations not met. This can be resolved if you agree to set expectations on how one party expects the other to behave. In many instances, the dissolution of marriage arises from something that is more difficult to forgive. Perhaps, the most difficult issues to resolve between people in a relationship is a violation of trust. The binding force in a personal relationship such as marriage is not just love. Rather, it is trust.

If you have broken the trust of your spouse, you can go out of your way to win it back. Yet, it has become a convoluted and complicated issue today. Oftentimes, the restoration of trust requires the assistance of a professional. Without intervention and guidance from a capable counselor, many couples find it difficult, if not impossible, to trust someone who has greatly wronged them or failed them at least once.

Is your relationship with your spouse in trouble? If relationships make life worth living, is the one you have with your spouse worth saving? You probably know the answer to this question. If not, make sure you do before you take another step forward.

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