The VIP Treatment: How to Handle a High-Value Client Visit

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A high-value client is any customer or client who brings in a large amount of business or revenue to a company. They may be a significant client, customer, or someone who spends money with the company. Whatever the case, high-value clients are essential and deserve to get treated with special care.

There are several reasons why high-value clients should receive VIP treatment:

  1. They are essential to the company’s success.
  2. They are often more demanding and difficult to please than other customers.
  3. They can serve as a valuable source of information and feedback.
  4. They can help to create goodwill and promote positive word-of-mouth marketing.

As a result, the VIP treatment should be a procedure for your efforts. Here are a few steps to consider when a high-value client visits your establishment.

Executive Transportation

Most high-value clients are treated like royalty and expect nothing less than the best treatment when they visit your company. It includes being picked up from the airport in a luxury car and other transportation needs during their stay. This VIP treatment will show them that you value their business and appreciate their patronage.

It’s important to remember that high-value clients are busy people. They likely don’t have time to deal with airport traffic or navigate a strange city. That’s where a chauffeur service comes in handy. Good chauffeur service will know the area well and take care of all the details, allowing your high-value client to relax and enjoy their visit. They might want to visit a few tourist destinations or attractions while in town, and your chauffeur can help make that happen.

Ensure you give the chauffeur service all the pertinent information about your high-value clients, such as their names, contact information, flight details, and any special instructions. This step will help ensure a smooth pickup and drop-off process.

VIP Hospitality Suite

If you have the budget, renting a VIP hospitality suite for your high-value client’s stay is worth considering. These suites are usually upscale and offer plenty of space, privacy, and luxury amenities. They often come with a separate living area, bedroom, and bathroom. Some even have a kitchenette or full kitchen.

VIP hospitality suites are prime locations near the airport or the city’s heart. Your high-value client will appreciate this convenience and likely have a packed schedule.

When choosing a VIP hospitality suite, consider the size, layout, and amenities necessary for your high-value client. You’ll also want to make sure the suite is available for the dates of their visit.

Make Reservations at Top Restaurants

Reserving a table at high-end restaurant

Food is often an essential part of the VIP treatment for high-value clients. After all, what’s a visit to a new city without trying out the local cuisine? And what’s a business meeting without some good food?

You’re not just providing a meal for your high-value client when you make reservations at top restaurants. You’re also allowing them to experience the best that your city offers. They’ll appreciate the chance to try something new and taste the culinary excellence in your town.

Plus, top restaurants are near the city’s heart or upscale areas. It will give your high-value client a chance to see the best that your city has to offer. They’ll also be able to experience its culture and nightlife.

Reserving a table at a top restaurant is a great way to show your high-value client that you value their business. It’s also a great way to show them that you want them to have a positive experience during their visit.

Provide Souvenirs

Your high-value client likely has plenty of memories from their travels. But what they might not have is a physical reminder of their time in your city. That’s where souvenirs come in handy.

Souvenirs are a great way to show your high-value client that you appreciate their business. They’re also a great way to promote your company and city. And they’ll be able to take home a piece of their trip.

When choosing souvenirs, consider your high-value client’s interests and hobbies. You might also want to choose something that represents your city or company. For example, you could give them a keychain with your company’s logo or a coffee mug with your city’s skyline.

Souvenirs are a small gesture that can go a long way in showing your high-value client that you care about their experience.

What to Remember

It isn’t uncommon for companies to go the extra mile for their high-value clients. After all, these clients are the ones that keep the business running. And they’re usually the ones with the most potential to grow the company. So, if you’re ever unsure about how to treat a high-value client, remember these tips.

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