Five Simple Ways to Encourage Employees to Be Eco-Friendly

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This era has seen a lot of companies across different industries pledging for a greener tomorrow. These companies are aware that their businesses actually have direct and indirect effects on Mother Nature, but the good thing is that they’re changing their ways so that they can leave a sustainable world to the next generation.

You may be already implementing green practices, but that will not be enough when your employees are not following your lead. As such, you need to inspire and encourage them to take eco-friendly actions. Doing such will double the positive effect of your company’s green practices.

Thankfully, there are a lot of ways you can support and encourage employees when it comes to this. The good news is, a lot of them are cost-effective; you do not have to spend a lot of money just to make them happen. Below are some of the things you may keep in mind:

Start a recycling program

One of the standards that you will need to establish is a recycling program. You must make sure that the amount of waste your company produces is trimmed down. From the pantry to the designated workspaces, you must facilitate easy waste disposal; as such, there should be enough trash cans with segregation signage. While you’re talking about how to make recycling a norm in the company, consider repurposing old computers and parts. If they are still in top condition, you can donate them to local schools or learning centers. Otherwise, you ought to send them to recycling plants.

Go paperless

A lot of waste in your office is paper-based. You have to understand that paper is made of trees, which have been cut. Imagine how many trees your company will be able to save when you limit paper usage. With this in mind, you need to integrate digital and cloud computing solutions into your workflow. That way, you will be able to reduce the amount of paper going to waste. This will not only make your business greener, but it will also help foster a collaborative, efficient, and streamlined work process since everything can be already accessed online. Should you still need to use paper, make sure that what you’re going to use is 100% recycled.

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Encourage employees to bring their plants

You can literally turn your office green by encouraging employees to bring in indoor plants. But you can start yourself. Place plants around the office to breathe life into it. This will also help reduce the stress and anxiety levels of your employees. Indoor plants can also help reduce the harmful pollutants within your space, such as carbon dioxide. Just make sure that the plants will not attract bugs and pests.

Allow them to work from home

Because of the many changes in the workplace dynamics over the years, many businesses have realized that scheduled work-from-home set-ups have a lot of benefits. For one, it helps reduce the energy consumption of the business. Second, employees can fully take control of their lives. This may even keep them from possible road mishaps and accidents, which may require the services of an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer. This setup is also aligned with your green goals. Other than reducing energy consumption, employees will not have to drive to work every day, thus helping reduce vehicular emissions.

Organize a volunteering project

If you want your employees to be hands-on with the cause, you can organize a volunteering project. Go out and engage in greet activities, such as recycling drives and tree-planting events. You may also find an organization that your company can support.

Going green is in, especially in business. When you go green, you are helping this world to become a much better place to live in. You must take your employees onboard and inspire them to take environmentally friendly actions.

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