Why You Really Need to See a Doctor After Your Auto Accident

injured man in an auto accident
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If you’ve been severely injured in an auto accident, the chances are that medics will be there to check on your injuries and get you to the nearest emergency department. But what if you felt no noticeable or immediate pain following your auto accident? In some cases, those involved in an auto accident are not even aware that they’ve been injured.

The most common reason for this is due to the different way the body responds to stress and pain signals following an accident. It produces endorphins, which are hormones similar to morphine that masks pain until your mind and body could recover from the physical and emotional stress of the auto accident.

Go to Your Doctor Pronto If You Experience Symptoms

Sometimes, it could take a couple of hours up to several weeks for severe discomfort or injuries to appear. With this in mind, the minute you feel any symptoms—pain, dizziness, numbness, etc.—related to your auto accident, seek medical care as soon as possible. It’s imperative to obtain proper treatment following your accident, not only for your overall health but for an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit you might file, later on, notes a renowned personal injury attorney in Utah.

Don’t Stop Treatment You Get The All-Clear from Your Doctor

If you’ve been diagnosed with an injury, get proper treatment right away and stick to your treatment plan until your doctor gives you a clean bill of health. This is immensely vital because your doctor can determine the extent of your injuries and recommend the most suitable treatment plan for so that you can recover faster and ensure your comfort while in recovery. Also, the records of your doctor visits are the ideal way to record and confirm the extent and exact nature of your injuries, and your prescribed treatment. Verifying these details is very important when you file your personal injury claim because medical bills and treatment are a huge part of damage awards in personal injury claims.

Make Sure to Evaluate Your Doctor’s Records Thoroughly

Young man with trauma of the head being treated by a doctor

If you are getting treatment for injuries you sustained from an auto accident, request copies of your treatment records from your doctor. When reviewing these records, you have to pay close attention to the accident’s description. It is imperative that these are accurate because defense attorneys and insurance adjusters would try to use your records to prove that your account of the accident was erroneous or not entirely accurate. Read everything carefully to ensure that there are no mistakes, and if there are, ask your doctor to correct them promptly. Make certain that your medical history is also correct. This is vital since if you file a personal injury claim, the defendant’s team will scrutinize your medical history in an attempt to find something, like a preexisting medical condition, they could blame as the actual cause of the symptoms you’re experiencing.

Don’t overlook your health and get yourself checked after an auto accident even if you feel fine. Never assume that your symptoms will go away without treatment and keep these tips in mind to help ensure a positive outcome for your personal injury claim.

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