Top Reasons You Should Have an Online Store

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If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that businesses must have an eCommerce store to survive. All over the world, businesses are trying to stay afloat while the COVID-19 pandemic devastates lives, economies, and dreams. But businesses who have a strong presence online will find it easier to transition to the new normal, where strict physical distancing measures will be in place. This will make it hard for those with brick-and-mortar stores to operate like before.

If you have not built your own online store, check out the Shopify website developer. It’s the easiest way to start your online selling journey. It has a range of templates, themes, and packages for small- to large-scale businesses. The platform also supports all major payment options, which is a big consideration for online customers.

Get off the Ground Quickly

Right now, you’re probably wondering how you can continue selling your products and services. How can you let your customers know that you’re still willing to deliver the products? An online store can be up in no time. With a few clicks, you can let your new website go live, and you can be ready to accept orders. That’s how easy it is to set up one.

Have It Cheap and Easy to Maintain

For just $20 to $50 a month, you can have a well-designed and well-performing eCommerce store. Compare that with renting an actual brick-and-mortar store. Now, that’s an alarming difference. Why haven’t you thought of building an online store before? There are many opportunities in eCommerce, too. You can start a dropshipping business, so there’s no need for you to buy and store inventory. You can also sell products you’ve made yourself. Really, sky’s the limit.

Provide Easy Access for Shoppers

Shoppers tend to check the products they want to buy online before going to the store and actually purchasing them. If there’s a good deal online, they’ll take you up on your offer, too. More than 87% of shoppers begin their purchase journey by searching for the products online. That percentage will likely increase in the following years.

Collect Customer Data


Another benefit of having an online store is that it allows businesses to collect customer data that they can analyze and use for marketing purposes. When customers shop in physical stores, they are less likely to fill out a form and subscribe to a newsletter. But online, it’s easier to persuade them to leave their information behind. You can use this information to reach out to them for marketing and advertising purposes.

Reach New Customers

The Internet has a far wider reach than brick-and-mortar stores. That’s the key difference when you have an online store. You can reach customers living outside the state or even the country. If they are truly interested in your products and services, they’ll pay for the courier fees. They might even drive hours just to see your shop up close.

Even before the pandemic hit the world, businesses should already have an online presence. There is no reason businesses cannot transact with customers online the same way they do in their physical stores. Without eCommerce stores, a lot more businesses will fail and fall victim to this pandemic.

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