The 4 Qualities of a Great Craftsman

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A craftsman is a skilled person; a master in what they do. For example, someone who is exceptionally good in creating blown glass can be called a craftsman. It doesn’t matter what kind of thing someone is doing. They’re a craftsman when they know their crafts well and are better than many. In other words, they stand above the rest.

In woodcraft, a carpenter can be addressed as a craftsman. Incidentally, you can take traditional framing classes if you’re interested in working with timber. What makes a good craftsman? Here are some qualities most craftsmen possess:

Mastery Motivates Them

Craftsmen are not after fame. Of course, that’s a plus, but first in their list is achieving mastery. They like to keep doing better with their craft, and they also go through great lengths to achieve that.

They’re Dedicated in Their Craft.

To achieve mastery, craftsmen make lots of adjustments and financial sacrifices. They also sacrifice a lot of their time, sleep, rest, and relationships because of their goal. For them, they’re doing great and they want to be better at it so they practice a lot.

They also put a mix of three important factors: tradition, history, and innovation. They like to not only use proven methods, but incorporate new styles as well. This makes their work one-of-a-kind. Craftsmen like to plan their project carefully, and they study the structure of the project first before proceeding. Every project for them is another way to showcase their skill.

They Can Become Engrossed with Their Project

Craftsmen can put in a lot of hours with their work. In fact, it becomes a habit. They need those hours to make the best pieces. Due to that, they become so immersed in their works that they don’t recognize time anymore. They’re too busy with their projects that they may even forget to eat. This is when a family or friend needs to intervene so that they can also eat or do other necessities.

Of course, craftsmen don’t just work and forget about it. As mentioned, they’re dedicated. It’s a passion of theirs. Their works are masterpieces. Each of their works is given ample time to look divine. Some craftsmen, though, don’t like selling their stuff and would rather build an exhibit to put it into a display.

Craftsmen also love what they make. They have some favorites, but all their pieces are special to them. You can see their passion and heart through their work for sure.

Appreciating Works of Art

Jeweler evaluating gem

Craftsmen love what they’re doing, and it radiates in their work. They give lots of time and go through a great extent to build something. That’s why they’re proud of the pieces they did.

On the other hand, you’ll recognize a great masterpiece from a fraud. You’ll know the difference between a run-of-the-mill item from a masterpiece. Great craftsmanship takes time so the piece is of high quality. You can tell by the way the craft feels and look. There’s something about it and you’ll know it’s a good piece.

Lastly, craftsmen sure know their gifts. They work it well and many are even sharing their knowledge. You’ll know what a real craftsman is when you meet one because it will be in the air they exude. It’s how they bring themselves too.


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