Teaching Your Child to Become Independent at a Young Age

mother with child
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Raising an independent child takes a lot of effort and dedication for parents. Achieving this goal is difficult, especially if you are used to helping your child every single time. Indeed, providing support is one of your responsibilities as a parent. However, you are also obliged to instill the right mindset for your child. They have to find out how to fend for themselves when the right time comes. Remember, you can’t be with your child all the time. Thus, you have to find a way to teach them to become more independent.

Newborns heavily rely on their parents, and they need a lot of your time and attention. They can’t take care of themselves yet. However, as they grow older, they slowly learn a few things. They also naturally develop skills such as walking, speaking, and expressing different emotions. When they reach a certain age, you need to start showing them the right way to behave. You can also start teaching them to improve their sense of self-awareness. This way, they can take the initiative in taking care of themselves. To help them learn to become more independent, here are a few suggestions to consider:

Build a creativity corner for your child

Start honing their skills at home. Provide them an area where they can improve their creativity. Let them have the freedom to learn new hobbies. Don’t forget to provide them with toys, coloring and reading materials, and other learning resources.

Teach them to follow a daily routine

Help them manage their daily activities. Teach them how to follow instructions by establishing a daily routine. They should be able to know how to follow schedules, including their waking and sleeping time.

Let them complete tasks on their own

Show them how to do things, but let them handle tasks in the future. Even if they have a hard time completing a task, you need to allow them to discover solutions independently. They also need to learn how to ask for assistance if they really can’t finish one. Just make sure that they don’t always rely on you, especially when it’s just a simple activity.

Teach them to evaluate their accomplishments

Let them learn how to assess themselves. For instance, if they finished a task, ask them how they felt after accomplishing it. Try to ask them to rate themselves. See if they can also determine if there are things they need to change or improve in the future.

Work with educators

preschool students

Prepare your child to attend school. You can get services for child care if you want. This way, you can expose your child to a new environment where he or she can learn how to interact with other people. Sending them to daycare centers also help them improve their learning skills while playing or through guided activities.

Teaching your child to become independent also provides you excellent benefits. If your child knows how to deal with simple problems on their own, you can enjoy more time for yourself. That doesn’t mean that you stop providing them guidance. It simply means that you can feel more confident about their abilities to deal with specific situations. You can stop worrying too much when they are at school or when they are exploring the outdoors with neighborhood kids. Teach them to stay motivated in learning new things. Also, remind them about the importance of being responsible and independent. With this, you can ensure that they survive in the real world.

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