Seating Ideas for Your Company’s Outdoor Workspaces

Garden with chairs to chill
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While in the past, an official work environment meant an indoor space with a reception area and a few desks for the workers, this trend is slowly shifting. Nowadays, people can work anywhere, and there has been an increase in the design of different workspaces to maximize the flow of sunlight and a breeze. This has been attributed mainly to the realization of the positive impact of nature on people’s creativity and productivity. You can also design a few outdoor spaces for your office’s relaxation and entertainment.

This means in addition to the office furniture for your Salt Lake City workspace, you should have a budget for a few outdoor pieces. With the right pieces, you can transform your outdoor space into not just the perfect work spot for your staff but the place where you will want to entertain all your guests and potential clients. The following are some of your best seating options for an outdoor seating area for a commercial space.


Sectional sofas might be the ideal choice for a comfortable outdoor space for your office. Most people will opt for a sectional sofa to maximize the available seating space and exude a classic look. The sofas meant for outdoor seating are made of a moisture-resistant fabric that also repels stain and withstands UV damage. You can combine the sofa with a coffee table to make the space functional. Add a few pillows or ottomans to form a most inviting space.

Resin Chairs

These are cheap, extremely durable, easy to care for, and will give your outdoor area an elegant atmosphere. The chairs are made of a high-quality solid HDPE resin that is impervious to moisture and can thus withstand the harsh outdoor elements better than wood or metal. The chair will not need refinishing since its dye is mixed into its mold, though you can consider refinishing if you want to change the color.

Stools or Benches

You can have the best lunch break area for your office with a trestle table paired with a few benches or stools. If floor area is limited, choose a trestle table with foldable legs that is easy to move and store. To maximize the space on the table, benches and stools are your ideal seating choice. Alternatively, you can opt for dining table chairs if space allows; this gives it a more sophisticated look.

Pallet Seating

A warehouse with furniture such as sofas, chairs and lamps

This is one of the most inexpensive options for outdoor seating and matches the contemporary interiors that are common in most offices nowadays. With pallet seating, you can have multiple seating areas throughout your outdoor space. The pallets can be further accessorized with some colorful pillows to make them more comfortable.

The above outdoor seating options have been utilized for residential spaces almost exclusively, but not anymore. Even if your office is housed in a multi-story building, you can still have an outdoor space for relaxation. You can have one installed on the rooftop. With a few potted plants and flowers, the roof will become the best possible exterior for your employees and guests. Get the best furniture supplier for your outdoor space to ensure you have the most relaxing and best-looking area.

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