Scale Up: How to Grow Your Business Successfully Amid the COVID-19 Crisis

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Scaling your business in this economy seems like a pipe dream, with companies throughout the nation battling to keep their doors open. Even though we are in a challenging climate, businesses in every sector enjoy their most incredible year. Those who successfully adapt seek opportunities and use data to make fact-based decisions. At first glance, it seems that expansion possibilities during an outbreak are limited. Everyone is at home, companies are either totally closed or working at a significantly reduced capacity, and most people's budgets are limited. While the pickings are minor, there are still methods to expand your company and not only endure but flourish during the COVID-19 pandemic. Take these actions to grow your company today if you want to join the ranks of businesses who aren't allowing COVID-19—or future crises—stand in their way:


Determine the source of your development.


Sales virtually create themselves in a healthy economy and with a good product. You won't develop your company these days unless you have an eagle's eye for market possibilities. Will you provide any new goods or services? Are you looking to expand your current services to new demographics? During the pandemic, many executives were forced to rethink their goods and services to avoid regress sometimes on the fly. Assume you're a sales speaker who has seen your primary source of income, keynote speaking engagements, evaporate suddenly. Instead, consider sharing your knowledge via webinars or converting it into online corporate training courses. Suddenly, your service is a product, and it's a scalable one at that.


Email Marketing is Still the Way To Go


What are some of the advantages of email marketing? Should your organization or business use email marketing if they aren't already? The answer is most likely true since email is regularly recognized as one of the marketing mediums with the most significant ROI. One of the most apparent benefits of email marketing is less expensive than traditional marketing methods. There are no printing or mailing expenses, and no fees are paid in return for visibility on a specific billboard, magazine, or television station. Email marketers should think about investing in specialized software to automate, monitor, and analyze their emails. Although there may be a little overhead for sending hundreds of emails at once, these expenses are much lower than what you would expect to spend utilizing other marketing methods.


Email marketing is one of the few methods that customers want. The vast majority of companies that use the platform deliver messages exclusively to people who have signed up to receive them. This may result in significantly better conversion rates since a company is just targeting people who are already interested in their brand.


Of course, it is feasible to send unsolicited email marketing communications, but this is likely to irritate customers and harm the brand's reputation. As an email marketing software business, we highly advise you not to utilize bought lists for email marketing – the returns you'll get from building your list and gaining clients organically will be much stronger.


Strategize Your Marketing Strategy


This is the moment to make good use of your resources. Time, money, and effort are all examples of resources. It would be best if you also learned to cultivate partnerships and relationships. This is the perfect time to get in touch with a B2B tech PR agency. Your marketing efforts should be concentrated in regions where you expect the greatest returns. If you haven't already done so, focus only on ROI.


Priority should be given to digital marketing. However, consider sponsored marketing campaigns and influencer relationships that haven't provided anything in return. Perhaps collaborating with many micro-influencers rather than a single mega-influencer is the best way to proceed. It will undoubtedly reduce your dangers.


Other approaches to rethink marketing in a pandemic and post-pandemic environment include:


  • Pay attention to your current clients and strengthen your relationships with them. Send care gifts, set up check-in calls, and show them how much you care.
  • Take advantage of the low cost of Facebook advertising.
  • Organize freebies, discounts, and special offers.
  • Because everyone is now using a mobile device, optimize your website for optimal mobile viewing.
  • Don't overlook email marketing.
  • Keep SEO and link development in mind.
  • Participate in social media.


The growth methods we've covered here will not only help you stay strong in the near term but will also drive your long-term development. Adaptability will be the critical term here. Maintain your agility and adaptability. This will not only get you through the pandemic but will also position you as a leading brand in the post-pandemic world after it's all over.

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