Reasons for Computer Education and Literacy

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Computers have become ubiquitous objects, that these are no longer just computers. These are everyday objects that no longer look like computers. To understand their world, they have to know how to use computers.

Children now grow up with smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and the internet everywhere. For them to make the most use of these, they have to be computer-literate. Without knowledge about computers, children will grow up to be the equivalent of the 21st person illiterate.

The Benefits of Computer Literacy

Here are the five most important reasons for computer education and being computer-literate.

1. Computers Are Everywhere

Computers are everywhere. If you have a smartphone, it would have more memory than a desktop had a generation ago. In addition, people use their smartphones primarily to tell the time and send text messages rather than call someone. There is more to the smartphone than a clock, calling friends, texting and messaging, or playing games. You could browse and work on your phone. All of these would not be possible without computers and knowing computers.

Besides smartphones and appliances, most objects are also run by computers or connected to computers. Stoplights are controlled from a central location with the use of computers. Cash machines, credit cards, POS machines are all connected to a computer somewhere. These are bigger machines that users overlook because they are in a remote location.

2. Everything Is Going Online

Computers and the internet have become an integral part of our lives now. From banking to business, everything is done online. For those who don’t know how to use computers or those people who are computer illiterate, they would be as good as shut out from the rest of the world.

To go online or surf the internet is a very usual thing to do in everyday life. Even though you do not see it, programs run in the background of your devices. You can use your phone to make notes or take photos. These applications are there when you need them, and they don’t get in the way when you don’t. When children know how these computers work, they will use them and get more benefits from them.

3. The World Has Gone digital.


The growing image of the digital nomad is becoming the norm. More people see the benefits of working from home or the coffee shop. They can be anywhere in the world and be able to work because they have an internet connection. Gone are the days of 8-hour workdays. People now set their hours, working from home or any place without an internet connection. To be successful, they have to know how to manage their time and schedules online.

4. It Is the Prevailing Technology.

Knowing how technology works, children will be more prepared for life in general. They will understand what is happening around them and will be able to make the most of it. There are several languages used in computers, and knowing how to code can teach children several things. Code is the language of computers. In this way, it is very similar to human languages such as English, French, or Mandarin Chinese. By learning how to code, children will learn about sentence structure and grammar used in computers.

By gaining knowledge about computers now, children will not be left behind when they grow up. There are jobs where computer skills are essential, even for those who might not use them directly in their work. These include web developers, software engineers, videographers/editors, graphic designers, musicians, and artists.

Even chefs, restaurant owners, and delivery personnel depend on computers for their daily tasks. Support personnel gets certified with the use of automated systems. For anyone who wants to get started in IT, they can start with CompTIA courses.

5. Technology-assisted Life and AI

The use of technology makes development go faster. You can start from scratch, and once you have a direction, an AI can assist in getting the work done more quickly. If the tool has not been made, an engineer, inventor, or programmer can make it with the existing technology. Through iterative processes, AI can make the iterations go faster. You do not need to program for something. You only need to make a program that learns on its own. With a large amount of information, it can learn something new.

Computer literacy is vital to the future generation since it is a prevailing technology everyone should know how to use. Not only should children be taught how to use computers but put them in a position where they want to learn more about other technologies as well! They will have a better opportunity and chance of succeeding.

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