Not a Want, But a Need: Car Modifications That are Worth Your Money

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Longtime car enthusiasts know that one of the thrills of owning a vehicle is that it’s a blank canvas. Sure, she’s a beauty just as is, but through modifications or car mods, you can elevate the look and performance of your ride.

There are plenty of vehicle mods on the market, but not all will give you your money’s worth. This list will help you sift through the chaff and choose the ones that will help you drive better.

1. High-Performance Tires

Rule of thumb: don’t cheap out on tires. A set of high-performance tires can improve every aspect of your car’s performance, from braking, accelerating, to turning. They’ll give you a controlled drive that will allow you to change lanes and hug tight turns easily.

High-performance tires are meant for the racetrack but are now popular among consumers. They’re wider and made of soft yet durable rubber, making them cling to the road’s surface at any speed. Note that most of the high-performance tires are for dry, warm conditions. If you live in an area that gets frequent rains, opt for all-season tires or have an extra set of winter tires so you can drive confidently even in bad weather.

2. Personal Alarm Pager

Car theft is still a pressing issue across U.S. cities, so a vehicle alarm system upgrade is definitely worth your money. A personal alarm pager sends an alert directly to your phone when it senses a possible break-in. Other pagers still come with the traditional alarm to startle the thief.

Choose a model that doesn’t require you to be within several blocks from the car. This way, you can monitor your vehicle even when you’re at a great distance. When you get the alert, you can notify the police if you can’t get to your car in time.

3. Rear-View Camera

rear-voew camera

Rear-view cameras are now a legitimate need, says the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The NHTSA declared that after May 2018, all newly manufactured vehicles must have a rear-view camera. This backup camera eliminates the rear blind spot, helping you avoid backup collisions.

More high-tech back-up camera systems have entered the market. Pearl Auto released the RearVision, a dual rear-view camera you can connect to your phone. All you have to do is mount your smartphone, and it will show what’s happening behind you.

5. Adaptive Cruise Control System

Adaptive Cruise Contol (ACC) also goes by Adaptive Cruise Assist, Smart Cruise Control, and many others. The ACC system automatically adjusts the speed of your car to keep a safe distance between you and the driver ahead of you. This is especially useful on the highway where there’s a high risk of bumper collisions.

With advanced cruise control, you don’t have to worry about constantly watching your speed and of the driver’s before you. The ACC system monitors the movements of your car and the one in front, and immediately acts in response.

You can determine when the ACC system will activate according to the speed threshold and distance between cars you want.

Car mods aren’t just for style and showing off to your peers; they’re also about enhancing your car’s functionality. Pick the ones that can help you become a better and safer driver.

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