Making Your Company HQ Fun: What Features to Add

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You can develop many reasons why creating a fun and convenient office environment is critical for businesses looking to build a people-first company culture. It helps attract top talent. Google is a perfect example of this – their HQ has the reputation as one of the best places to work, with amenities that include on-site haircuts, massages, and even a Slide at Googleplex (their corporate campus).

But beyond just attracting employees, a great office environment can also help employee retention and satisfaction. If your workers feel like they’re in a suitable environment where they can be productive and have some fun, they’re much less likely to look for a new job. And happy employees are more productive employees, so it’s a win-win situation.

So if you’re looking to build a people-first company culture, making your office a fun and convenient place should be high on your list of priorities.

Collaborative and Open Environment

Work cubicles and partitions can often create a sense of separation between employees, hindering collaboration and communication. By removing these barriers and instead of creating an open, collaborative environment, businesses can encourage social and professional interaction between employees. It will help improve workplace productivity and morale.

The open office design is becoming increasingly popular, with more businesses opting for this type of layout. However, it is necessary to prevent socialization from becoming a distraction. As a result, companies should dedicate specific areas to creating personal workspaces, even if it requires low partitions to avoid the line of sight of potential distractions.

Amenities and Perks

Catering services inside the office

As we mentioned earlier, Google is well-known for its incredible amenities and perks, which have helped them attract and retain some of the best talents in the world. And while not every business has the budget to provide on-site haircuts and massages, there are plenty of other amenities and perks that are much more affordable.

Some ideas include:

  • Cafeteria or food service on-site
  • Gym membership discounts
  • Free or discounted parking
  • Flexible work hours
  • Remote work options
  • On-site child care

These amenities and perks will help improve employee satisfaction and help with recruitment and retention. They do not have to be expensive, but they should be thoughtful and cater to the needs of your employees.

In today’s world, technology is a necessity for most businesses. And while it’s essential to have the latest and greatest technology in the office, it’s even more critical to ensure that this technology gets used to benefit the employees.

Companies can do this by investing in ergonomic furniture and equipment, which will help reduce stress and improve productivity. In addition, businesses should make sure that their office gets equipped with the latest technology, such as high-speed internet, printers, and scanners.

Another way to use technology to improve the workplace is to invest in an employee tracking software. This software can help businesses track employee productivity, time management, and attendance. Companies can change their work to improve employee satisfaction and productivity by using this data.

Proximity to Transit and Other Conveniences

Another important consideration is the location of your office. If it’s in a remote area or far from public transportation, it can be difficult for employees to get to and from work. It can lead to frustration and even absenteeism.

On the other hand, if your office is near public transportation and other amenities, it can make the commute much easier for employees. It is another perk that can help with recruitment, employee satisfaction, and retention.

Your company HQ might be too massive, making it inconvenient for people to talk in person with other divisions and departments. Fortunately, you can invest in technological and digital communication tools to ensure they no longer have to walk to the designated department’s room for cross-collaboration. If there is a need for two employees from different divisions to meet, you can make their trips easier by dedicating a few mini-golf carts to the HQ to prevent them from walking far.

Unique Fun Features

Today, you can find the above-mentioned features in modern businesses with physical establishments. As a result, it might be challenging to stand out. Fortunately, you can dedicate more parts to helping employees associate the HQ as their second home.

In addition to the amenities and perks we’ve mentioned, you can add some unique, fun features to your office to make it even more enjoyable for employees.

  • An outdoor patio or terrace
  • A game room with video games, table tennis, etc.
  • A library with comfortable seating
  • A coffee shop or bar
  • A roof deck or garden
  • A slide beside the stairs

These are just a few ideas – there are endless possibilities for making your office fun and enjoyable for employees. By investing in people-first company culture, you’ll be able to attract and retain top talent, improve employee satisfaction, and boost productivity.

These are just a few ways to make your company HQ fun and convenient for employees. By adding these features, you’ll be well on your way to creating a people-first company culture that will help improve recruitment, employee satisfaction, and retention.

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