How to Identify Your Consumers’ Pain Points

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Do you know what makes a good company? It’s one that offers a solution to consumer pain points. Pain points refer to problems that your target consumers are facing. They can be an activity that makes their life difficult or frustrations that they constantly have. Think about it. When was the last time you bought something because you really needed it? You probably didn’t even think twice about purchasing the moment you saw that advertisement.

That is the power of a business that knows what their consumers’ problems are and how they can be of help. For example, a company offering archiving software solutions would know that a common pain point experienced by its target market is the difficulty of storing and organizing files. So they can improve their products and services from that knowledge to help them deliver better services to their clients. Knowing exactly what irks your consumers will help you formulate solutions that solve that problem, making your product or service a need rather than a want. Here’s how to identify your consumers’ pain points.


A simple solution to finding your customer’s pain points is to just ask. Many businesses do this by conducting qualitative surveys and collecting feedback. Although this is an almost surefire way to get accurate responses, many consumers aren’t actually aware of the problems they experience. You might even beat them to figuring it out. This makes it harder for you to market your product and services to them because you have to convince them that they need it.

Talk to your sales team

Your sales team has the most interaction with your consumers. They directly converse with them, so they have first-hand insights on how your consumers behave, their opinions about your product, etc. Talking to your sales team and analyzing their observations puts you in a good place when it comes to learning more about your consumers.

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They can answer questions like:

  • What did the potential customer say about the product?
  • What did they dislike about it?
  • What did they like about it?

Knowing this will help you identify better what your consumers are thinking. Or better yet, loop in your sales team and get them to ask the right questions targeted towards identifying consumer pain points.

Read reviews

With the advent of technology came the platform for customers to share their thoughts about specific products or services. A lot of consumers, after purchasing a product, go back to leave a review either to give their praise or share their grievances. And this is something that you should be paying attention to because potential consumers will take those reviews into consideration.

Actually reading consumer reviews will help you fish for consumer opinions about your brand and your products or services. It helps you better understand what they like or dislike, so you can take proactive efforts to improve your services.

Get ideas from competitors

If you’re really having a difficult time figuring out the problems your consumers are facing, you can turn to your competitors for ideas. If they’ve already figured it out, then they will most likely make it the center of their marketing efforts. You’ll see them telling consumers why they need the product, how it can help them, and the problems it can solve.

Check out your competitors’ landing pages, advertisements, social media, and even reviews left by customers. This will give you a clearer picture of the problems they’re trying to solve. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to do it better.

No matter how genius you think your product is, the sad reality is that no one’s going to buy it if they don’t need it. Would you purchase something just because it looks interesting but doesn’t really impact your life in any way? Well, you might (impulsively). But the chances of you coming back and making a repurchase is highly unlikely.

But when you offer something to your consumers that they absolutely can’t resist — simply because it’s necessary to make their lives easier, then you’ll get great lasting conversions that will help your business thrive.

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