How Much Should You Pay for Gutter Cleaning?

Man cleaning the gutter from autumn leaves
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Professional gutter cleaning in Ogden can cost an average for $160 for a typical home. You should expect to pay at least 92 cents per linear foot for this service.

As an example, the service for a 215-linear-foot house can cost $160, including the cost of labor and equipment allowance. It can only take around two hours to clean gutters for an average-size home, so longer cleaning will increase the actual price. You should ideally clean gutters once every late spring and another one during late fall. Gutters that are nearby or surrounded by trees might require more frequent cleaning.

Why It’s Better to Hire a Contractor

You need to hire a contractor particularly when you need to clear ice build-up after heavy snowfall. Do this a few weeks before winter to avoid damages not only to gutters but also downspouts and drains. While it can be tempting to clean gutters by yourself, remember that it’s risky to keep your balance on a ladder. A professional already knows how to do this because they accumulated years of experience of how to be safe when using ladders.

When you hire a contractor, you’re also paying them for their expertise and knowledge. They might discover underlying problems with your roof as they clean the gutters, which means you either need to repair or replace them.

Time to Replace Gutters?

Some homeowners mistakenly think that since they invested in gutter guards, there’s no need for regular cleaning at least twice every year. However, the type of installed gutters primarily determines the problem. Take vinyl gutters as an example. These are prone to breakage during scorching weather. Despite being the most affordable option, you need to take care of it more frequently than gutters made of other types.

Aluminum and steel gutters are more expensive than vinyl yet offer greater durability. The only downsides to aluminum, however, involve its vulnerability to bend and buckle during extreme temperatures. You can avoid this by not installing low-gauge aluminum. On the other hand, you can choose between galvanized and stainless steel for gutter installation. It can cost more upfront, but rusting isn’t a problem particularly for stainless gutters.

The Cost of Replacement

man installing a vinyl gutter

Vinyl gutter installation usually costs at least $4 per linear foot while downspout extensions cost at least $6 each. If you stick with vinyl, it’s best to spend as much as you can and avoid buying the cheapest PVC gutters available.

A typical installation for aluminum gutters ranges from $6 per linear to $12 per linear foot. A downspout extension costs up to $15 each. Steel gutters can cost between $11 per linear foot and $33 per linear foot while downspout extensions can range from $12 to $30 apiece. You can pick between aluminum and vinyl, but steel will be a better choice if you live in a place with harsh summers and winters.

You need to clean gutters preferably twice every year to prevent problems with your roof. If you’re not sure about hiring a contractor, it’s easier to choose when you ask for at least three quotes from different cleaning companies.

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