Familiar Faces: Moving Back to Your Hometown

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Have you been thinking about moving back to your hometown? You’ve been away for a couple of years or even a few decades. And moving back to the place where all your dreams began can be as life-changing. It is the same as that time you’ve decided to try your luck in the big city.

It can be overwhelming at first, knowing you’ll be back somewhere that once was your home but now may feel like someplace entirely different. Think about all your childhood memories, old friends you’ve lost touch with, and close family members.

To help you make the smoothest transition, here are a few things you should put on your to-do list:

Be fully prepared for that roller coaster of emotions

Before looking for movers here in Salt Lake City, Utah, be sure that you’re both mentally and emotionally prepared to move back home. Many of those who’ve done it before mention the struggles they had to face at first; after all, some people fail to realize that some things aren’t exactly the same as they were before they left.

Like you, many of your old friends may have also moved away. Your favorite places to hang out as a teenager may no longer be there; sometimes even your alma mater. What used to be familiar roads may now be replaced by something else entirely.

Seeing all these may bring about bouts of sadness and nostalgia, which can be pretty normal. What’s important is that you’re prepared for them, so it’ll be easier to make adjustments. And remember, you can always make plenty of new memories.

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Get ready for tons of small talk

Now that you’re back in your hometown, you’ll no longer enjoy that anonymity every time you step into the grocery store or pump your gas at a nearby gas station. This is especially true if you’re from a small town where everyone literally knows everybody.

You’ll most definitely still run into some people you used to know, and they’re going to be very curious about how your life had been since the last time they saw you. So, be prepared to share a few details about yourself.

All these small talks will turn into real ones once you’ve finally get reacquainted with your old environment.

Set some necessary boundaries with your relatives and loved ones

Once everyone has finally heard the news of you moving back, everyone in the family may end up dropping by your place even when you’re not expecting them. These aren’t just your close family members like your parents and siblings.

But even your in-laws and cousins may visit you as well. Unless you don’t really mind having this open-door policy when you move back, it’s best to set some clear boundaries with your loved ones.

You could let them know that while you appreciate their visit, you’ll be extremely grateful if they could send you a text or any sort of heads-up before they drop by. If your in-laws are the type to visit your place without prior notice frequently, you may have to let your partner handle the situation.

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