Books and Eyesight: How Bookworms Can Cope with Poor Vision

poor eyesight
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Avid readers know there’s nothing like the feeling of a print book in your hands. Something is thrilling about turning page after page and getting a whiff of that scent only new books have. It’s a simple joy in lifeone that poor vision can steal from you at any moment.

Straining to read the small fonts makes the experience more frustrating than fulfilling. It can even discourage you from reading books altogether.

If you’re suffering from impaired vision due to a condition or as a side-effect of disease, know that there are ways you can sustain your reading habits. After all, is there anything technology can’t do and entrepreneurs haven’t thought of?

Get Appropriate Assistance

There’s no shortage of products today to cater to all kinds of eye conditions. When searching the market for visually impaired aids that suit your needs, you must first make an assessment.

What are the restrictions on your condition? How often do you read? Where and what time of the day? You’ll want to make sure that the smart glasses you buy can accommodate your reading habits in all kinds of conditions. Comfort and style are paramount considerations because there’s nothing like reading a novel in your favourite café.

Hand-held magnifiers also make reading outdoors convenient. As a bookworm, there’s no telling when and where the urge to read will strike you. Identifying your lifestyle and eye needs will help you make better decisions on which aids to get.

Buy Large-Print Alternatives

books with large prints

Publishing companies want to make their books appealing to all kinds of readers, hence the large-print format. A quick visit to Amazon, online bookstores, and your favourite publisher’s website will show you which books have this alternative.

One of your concerns might be the size of a book with bigger fonts. They’ve got to be bigger, right? It’ll please you to know that they’re not. With a clever mix of thinner paper and some formatting magic, large prints come in the same size as your average book. They’re also not abridged versions unlike what most people think. It means you can read the book with minimal or no aid at all and still enjoy the full experience.

They also publish and circulate large print at almost the same rate as the regular version. It’s an ongoing trend that makes even best-sellers available to all kinds of readers everywhere. Take advantage of it and switch to large print books.

Try Electronic Version

Some avid readers have an aversion to e-books. If you’re one of them, you might want to reconsider the usefulness of this alternative.

With e-books, you’re better-equipped to change the font to the size of your liking. You can also increase or decrease the brightness of the screen to benefit your vision. Electronic versions come in handy most when regular or large print books you want aren’t available in your bookstore. Why deprive yourself of a good read when you can have it in your tablet in a few clicks?

While it can’t replace the pleasure of flipping pages, it’s worth considering for the sake of your vision and your reading habits.

Get a Sense of Normalcy

Poor vision can impede a lot of your everyday activities. It may leave you feeling helpless and worsen your chances of recovery. Getting a sense of normalcy by sustaining habits like reading books is advantageous for your health. It might not be as simple as it was before, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it as much.

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